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Cambridge IGCSE Computer Science By David Watson and Helen Williams pdf download

Cambridge IGCSE Computer Science.

This textbook has been written to provide the knowledge, understanding and practical skills that a student would need for the Cambridge International Examinations Computer Science IGCSE and GCE O Level courses.

The textbook is part of a package which includes a student CD-ROM. A teacher’s CD-ROM is also available separately which includes additional guidance and other useful information (see later in this introduction).

This book and accompanying student CD-ROM provide:
• practice end-of-chapter questions which include questions from past Cambridge International Examinations papers
• activities which give students additional guidance and practice
• sample program solutions for programming activities
• hints and tips where these provide additional help and knowledge.

Although this book has been written with the Cambridge International Examinations syllabus in mind, it can still be used as a useful  reference textbook for other GCSE computing courses. It is also a useful source of information for those students starting an A level computer science course – especially at AS level.

The textbook contains 13 chapters. Although it is possible for some elements of the practical problem-solving chapters to be examined in Paper 1 (Theory of Computer Science), and vice versa, the sections for the theory work are in Chapters 1 to 8 and the practical work in Chapters 9 to 13. The book has been split into Section 1 (Theory of computer science) and Section 2 (Practical problem-solving and programming) to follow the Cambridge International Examinations syllabus as closely as possible.

Cambridge IGCSE Computer Science By David Watson and Helen Williams pdf download

Student CD-ROM:
The accompanying student CD-ROM contains additional guidance to enhance the learning process in a number of key areas in the textbook. The CD-ROM uses animation and verbal commentary wherever this is found helpful in the learning process. The CD-ROM includes sample program solutions for the programming activities.

also there ia aTeacher’s CD-ROM. An additional teacher’s CD-ROM is available to accompany this textbook.

Table Of Contents:
Section 1 Theory of computer science
Chapter 1 Binary systems and hexadecimal
Chapter 2 Communication and internet technologies
Chapter 3 Logic gates and logic circuits
Chapter 4 Operating systems and computer architecture
Chapter 5 Input and output devices
Chapter 6 Memory and data storage
Chapter 7 High- and low-level languages
Chapter 8 Security and ethics
➤Section 2 Practical problem-solving and programming
Chapter 9 Problem-solving and design
⏩ Chapter 10 Pseudocode and flowcharts
Chapter 11 Programming concepts
Chapter 12 Data structures: arrays and using pre-release material
Chapter 13 Databases

Computer Science By David Watson and Helen Williams pdf.

Book Details:

⏩Authors: David Watson and Helen Williams
⏩Puplisher: Hodder Education
⏩Puplication Date: January 30, 2015
⏩Language: English
⏩Size: 11.6 MB 
⏩Pages: 278
⏩Format: PDF

Download Cambridge IGCSE Computer Science By David Watson and Helen Williams in pdf format for free.