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Ten Essential Skills for Electrical Engineers by Barry L. Dorr free pdf download


Ten Essential Skills for Electrical Engineers by Barry L. Dorr.

Ten Essential Skills for Electrical Engineers by Barry L. Dorr

This book and the companion website* will do two things for you: First, it will help you excel in your technical interviews so you can secure a great first job. Second, it will help you succeed in that job by showing you how to solve real-world problems using what you already know from your engineering courses.

There is often a disconnect between what you learned in school and the expectations of those interviewing you. On one hand, the engineering curriculum has taught you a tremendous amount of theoretical and practical material, but it is simply not possible to remember it all in an interview. On the other hand, the interviewing team will likely consist of your potential supervisor and coworkers, and they will be looking for someone with the skills to be an immediate contributor in their department. The interview will typically focus on what you can do instead of how much you know. This book bridges the gap by reviewing how to apply what you learned in school to practical engineering tasks.

Each chapter reviews design skills by relating them to fundamental concepts. Consider the skill of designing an averaging FIR digital filter. This is a valuable skill, but the best designers understand the basics of digital filters—they understand the practical use of z-transforms and how to work with any discrete-time structure. As a result, they can work with a wide variety of digital filters thereby enabling them to design the best filter for a given requirement. This text reviews digital filter design and many more commonly required design skills covering a wide variety of areas and

relates them to the fundamentals. Chapters begin with the fundamentals and then present the skills. As a workplace reference, this book will give you information you need to succeed at basic design tasks. For more in-depth problems, it will help direct you to manufacturer’s literature or the appropriate sections of your college textbooks. I hope it will merit valuable space on your bookshelf for many years.

Whether you are a recent graduate or an experienced engineer, your time is valuable. This book was written to help you—not challenge you. To this end, the mathematical derivations are kept simple, but not simplistic, and the examples presented show practical applications using practical skills that will help you in job interviews and during your first several years in the workplace. Each chapter in this book can be read in a matter of hours—not days.

Finally, I hope that you enjoy working through the examples and problems in this book, and I hope they motivate you to tackle and solve hundreds or thousands of problems over what should be a satisfying and rewarding career.

Download Ten Essential Skills for Electrical Engineers by Barry L. Dorr in free pdf format.