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Modern Power Electronics and AC Drives by Bose free pdf download

Modern Power Electronics and AC Drives by Bose.

Modern Power Electronics and AC Drives by Bose

Modern Power Electronics and AC Drives Contents:
Chapter 1 Power Semiconductor Devices
Chapter 2 AC Machines for Drives
Chapter 3 Diodes and Phase-Controlled Converters
Chapter 4 Cycloconverters
Chapter 5 Voltage-Fed Converters
Chapter 6 Current-Fed Converters
Chapter 7 Induction Motor Slip-Power Recovery Drives
Chapter 8 Control and Estimation of Induction Motor Drives
Chapter 9 Control and Estimation of Synchronous Motor Drives
Chapter 10 Expert System Principles and Applications
Chapter 11 Fuzzy Logic Principles and Applications
Chapter 12 Neural Network Principles and Applications

Author of Modern Power Electronics and AC Drives PDF.

Preface to Modern Power Electronics and AC Drives Book:
It is with pride, excitement and a lot of expectations. I am presenting this book to the professional community of the world. As you know, power electronics and motor drives constitute a complex and interdisciplinary subject that has gone through spectacular evolution in the last three decades. Recently, articial intelligence (AD) techniques are extending the frontier of this technology. It is without any doubt that the power electronics will play a dominant role in the 21st century in industrial, commercial, residential, aerospace.

utility and military applications with an emphasis on energy-saving and solving environmental pollution problems. I have been in the power electronics area for more than forty years (since the technology was born) through my career pursuits in academia and industry, and have followed the technology evolution very aggressively. In the past, I contributed a number of books (authored and edited) in the power electronics area of which Power Electronics and AC Drives (Prentice Hall- 1986) is most important. It was taken as an advanced text in many universities in the world.

This new book can be considered as signicant updating and expansion of the previous book where ! have tried to embed practically whatever knowledge I have in power electronics and ac drives. It contains the subject from A-to-Z, i.e., power semiconductor devices, electrical machines, dier-ent classes of converters, induction and synchronous motor drives with control and estimation. and Al techniques (expert system, fuzzy logic, and neural networks). In essence, I have tried to incorporate practically all the aspects of state-of-the-art technology of power electronics and motor drives in the book.

The content of the book is essentially based on my lecture notes of one senior course and three graduate courses, which I have  developed and taught at the University of Tennessee during the last fourteen years. It will be my deep satisfaction if I can see that the book is being considered as a text in more universities than the previous one. The universities, which are already following my previous book, can now safely accept this new book.

Modern Power Electronics and AC Drives by Bimal K. Bose | PDF Free Download.

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Modern Power Electronics and AC Drives by Bose | Engineering Books.

Download Modern Power Electronics and AC Drives by Bose in PDF Format For Free.