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Wireless Sensor Networks A Cognitive Perspective by Mohamed Ibnkahla pdf download

Wireless Sensor Networks A Cognitive Perspective by Mohamed Ibnkahla pdf.

Wireless Sensor Networks A Cognitive Perspective by Mohamed Ibnkahla

Wireless Sensor Networks A Cognitive Perspective by Mohamed Ibnkahla.

Preface for Wireless Sensor Networks A Cognitive Perspective book:
Every day, wireless sensor networks are gaining in popularity and applications. They are now widely used in key areas such as smart homes and buildings, intelligent transportation, health care, public health, military, food safety, water quality, smart power grid, industrial processes, precision agriculture, security, environment, and similar applications. Various types of data with different rates and requirements are transmitted through these networks. Users are always in need of better coverage, connectivity, security, and energy efficiency while looking for miniaturized, low-cost, and autonomous devices. Due to these requirements, classical techniques used in this field will soon reach their limitations and will no longer fulfill users’ requirements. Cognitive communications is a new concept that emerged a few years ago and has proven its importance, especially in the field of cognitive radio. This concept has been generalized to cover all aspects of the wireless communications system design. 

Wireless sensor networks represent an excellent area where cognition and intelligence can be easily developed and exploited not only to benefit the network efficiency and user requirements but also to create new needs and applications. This is because wireless sensor networks are, by nature, distributed systems where information can be made available about everything in the deployment area. Information may include user needs, user requirements, environment conditions, network conditions, node-level information (such as battery level, transmission range, processing capabilities, and position information), and so on. Security is also an important issue where the cognitive concept can play a key role. In the past few years, research on cognitive approaches in telecommunications has been scattered over a large number of conference and journal papers. 

This book presents the state of the art of this field and proposes a unifying view of the different cognitive approaches and methodologies. This book will be a benchmark that sets the foundations of cognitive communications and opens a new era for research in this field.

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