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Fundamentals of Modern Manufacturing: Materials, Processes, and Systems Fifth Edition by Mikell P. Groover pdf


Fundamentals of Modern Manufacturing: Materials, Processes, and Systems Fifth Edition by Mikell P. Groover.


Preface: fundamentals of Modern Manufacturing: Materials, Processes, and Systems is designed for a first course or two-course sequence in manufacturing at the junior level in mechanical, industrial, and manufacturing engineering curricula. Given its coverage of engineering materials, it may also be suitable for materials science and engineering courses that emphasize materials processing. Finally, it may be appropriate for technology programs related to the preceding engineering disciplines. Most of the book’s content is concerned with manufacturing processes (about 65% of the text), but it also provides significant coverage of engineering materials and production systems. Materials, processes, and systems are the basic building blocks of modern manufacturing and the three broad subject areas covered in the book.

This fifth edition builds on the fourth edition. The content has been increased and this is reflected in the page count. In previous editions, the author has attempted to

keep the page count at around 1000. The fifth edition contains about 1100 pages.

Additions and changes in the fifth edition include the following:

➢ The chapter count has been reduced from 42 to 40 through consolidation of several chapters. The two chapters in the fourth edition on rubber processing (Chapter 14) and polymer matrix composites processing (Chapter 15) have been combined into a single chapter, and the two chapters in the fourth edition on process planning (Chapter 40) and production planning and control (Chapter 41) have been combined into one chapter.

➢ In Chapter 1, two new sections have been added on manufacturing economics (cycle time and cost analysis) and recent developments that have affected manufacturing.

➢ Troubleshooting guides have been added to several of the machining chapters.

➢ The chapter on rapid prototyping has been extensively revised, and a new section on cycle time and cost analysis has been added. The chapter title has been changed to Rapid Prototyping and Additive Manufacturing to reflect the evolution of the RP technologies.

➢ The chapter on integrated circuit processing has been updated. The coverage of Rent’s rule has been expanded to include how the rule can be applied to several

different types of integrated circuits.

➢ The chapter on electronics packaging has been reorganized, with more emphasis on surface mount technology. 

➢ A new section on the classification of nanotechnology products has been added to the chapter on nanofabrication.

➢ A section on mass customization has been added in the chapter on integrated manufacturing systems.

➢ A section on lean production and the Toyota production system has been added to the chapter on process planning and production control.

➢ New historical notes have been added on metrology, rapid prototyping, and lean production.

➢ The number of example problems imbedded in the text has been increased from 47 in the fourth edition to 65 in the fi fth. Included are new example problems on manufacturing economics, tensile testing, machining time, rapid prototyping costs, and integrated circuit processing.

➢ More than 60% of the end-of-chapter problems are new or revised, and the total number of end-of-chapter problems has been increased. End-of-chapter problems have been labeled as using either SI or USCS units, so if instructors want to assign problems with only one type of units, this will help them identify the problems that are of the desired type. Answers to selected end-of-chapter problems are provided in an appendix at the back of the book.

➢ The multiple choice quizzes that were included at the end of each chapter in the fourth edition are now available on the website for the book. The total number of multiple choice questions has been increased from 495 in the fourth edition to 745 for the fifth edition.

➢ The DVD that was included with the fourth edition has now been made available as a collection of video clips on the website for the book.

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