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Chemical Process Equipment : Selection and Design 3rd Edition pdf


Chemical Process Equipment Selection and Design 3rd Edition.


Preface to the Second Edition:The editors of the revised edition are in agreement with the philosophy and the approach that Professor Stanley Walas presented in the original edition. In general, the subject headings and format of each chapter have been retained but the revised edition has been corrected to eliminate errors and insofar as possible update the contents of each chapter. Material that we consider superfluous or beyond the scope and intent of the revised edition has been eliminated. Most of the original text has been retained, since the methods have stood the test of time and we felt that any revision had to be a definite improvement. 

Chapter 3, Process Control, and Chapter 10, Mixing and Agitation, have been completely revised to bring the content of these chapters up to date. Chapter 18, Process Vessels, has been expanded to include the design of bins and hoppers. Chapter 19, Membrane Separations, is an entirely new chapter. We felt that this topic has gained considerable attention in recent years in chemical processing and deserved to be a chapter devoted to this important material. Chapter 20, Gas-Solid Separation and Other Topics, consists of material on gas-solid handling as well as the remainder of the topics in Chapter 19 of the original edition. Chapter 21, Costs of Individual Equipment, is a revision of Chapter 20 in the original edition and the algorithms have been updated to late 2002. Costs calculated from these algorithms have been spot-checked with equipment suppliers and industrial sources. They have been found to be within 20 to 25% accurate. 

We have removed almost all the Fortran computer program listings, since every engineer has his or her own methods for solving such problems. There is one exception and that is the fired heater design Fortran listing in Chapter 8, Heat Transfer and Heat Exchangers. Our experience is that the program provides insight into a tedious and involved calculation procedure. 

Although the editors of this text have had considerable industrial and academic experience in process design and equipment selection, there are certain areas in which we have limited or no experience. It was our decision to ask experts to serve as collaborators. We wish to express our profound appreciation to those colleagues and they are mentioned in the List of Contributors.

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