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MATLAB: An Introduction with Applications 4th Edition pdf


MATLAB: An Introduction with Applications 4th Edition.


MATLAB® is a very popular language for technical computing used by students, engineers, and scientists in universities, research institutes, and industries all over the world. The software is popular because it is powerful and easy to use. For university freshmen in it can be thought of as the next tool to use after the graphic calculator in high school. 

This book was written following several years of teaching the software to freshmen in an introductory engineering course. The objective was to write a book that teaches the software in a friendly, non-intimidating fashion. Therefore, the book is written in simple and direct language. In many places bullets, rather than lengthy text, are used to list facts and details that are related to a specific topic. The book includes numerous sample problems in mathematics, science, and engineering that are similar to problems encountered by new users of MATLAB. 

This fourth edition of the book is updated to MATLAB 7.11 (Release 2010b). Other modifications/changes to this edition are: programming (now Chapter 6) is introduced before user-defined functions (now Chapter 7), applications in numerical analysis (now Chapter 9) follows polynomials, curve fitting and interpolation that is covered in Chapter 8. The last two chapters are 3D plotting (now Chapter 10) and symbolic math (Chapter 11). In addition, the end of chapter problems have been revised. There are many more problems in every chapter, and close to 80% are new of different than in previous editions.  In addition, the problems cover a wider range of topics.

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